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CPU’s COVID-19 Preventive Measures in the Spring Semester of 2021

  • PostDate:2021-04-20 10:00

In order to ensure the campus health safety, COVID-19 preventive measures and campus sanitation were all in place. Central Police University postponed the start of spring semester to 9pm on February 23, 2021.  Considering the fact that all students are required to live on campus during the weekdays, the COVID-19, once infected, might spread easily and lead to a mass infection.  Thus, students had been required to take temperature every day for 14 days before they came back to campus and record any travel and exposure history during the winter break.  Moreover, the students were required to come back at a given time in order to take the temperature and disinfection thoroughly on the Temperature Screening Station; and students were not allowed to leave the campus once they entered.


( Disinfection service is being conducted by the Student Corps. )

All COVID-19 preventive policies were coopered thoroughly during the orientation week.  The school assembly and the military training were held outdoor and students were required to wear mask and maintain social distance.  Every squadron was required to go to the cafeteria by different route and time.  Wash hands before eating, wear mask before selecting food, and no talking and sharing while dining.   The campus and the dormitory were cleaned and sanitized in the shortest time.


( The students were being trained outdoor with their masks. )

Even though the epidemic has not been ebbing, CPU still insists on training of the spirit and disciplines with the strict COVID-19 preventive measures.  To make the students live and learn in the safe campus is always the most important goal.