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For the statistical work of the interior, right after the KMT government renamed "the Ministry of Internal Affairs" as "the Ministry of the Interior" in 1928, a bureau was established to take charge of the statistical work, originally it was the responsibility of the Department of General Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 1931, the government created an independent audit system and the Department of Audit was established on April 1st. To cope with the new system, the Ministry renamed the Bureau of Statistics as "the Department of Statistics" in 1935. In 1950, the Department of Accounting and the Department of Statistics were combined into the Department of Audit.  Three years later, in 1953, as the founding system was restored, the Department of Accounting and the Department of Statistics were separately established again.

Organization and Staff

The Department of Statistics has one Director in charge of overall affairs of the Department, and one Deputy Director who is assisting the Director with daily affairs. Under this Department, there are three divisions. Also in July 1989, a committee was established and the Political Vice-minister of the Ministry was appointed as the Chairman of the committee, and the Director was appointed as the Deputy Chairman.  

There are totally 23 staffs: 16 are formal staffs ; 2 staffs are regularly employed by contracts; 5 are temporary hired by contracts. According to their educational background, 11 graduate schools (47.8%), 18 university and Junior college graduates (47.8%) and 1 vocational high school graduates (4.3%). According to their gender, 5 males (21.7%), 18 females (78.3%).The average age is 44.1 years.

Director: Mr.Chin-Chien Jao 
Phone: 886-2-23565344 
Deputy Director: Mr. Min-Lu cheng 
Phone: 886-2-23565345
Division of Survey In charge of (1) planning and execution of various statistical  survey programs applied to the interior; (2) stipulation and promulgation of interior statistical standards; (3) editing and calculation of people's life tables; and (4) communication, instruction and examination of statistical surveys applied to the interior as done by the authorities under the Ministry and local agencies at each level. 

Section Chief: Mr. Yu-Feng Wu  
Phone: 886-2-23565347

Division of Analysis In charge of (1) newsletter editing and management of the statistics of the interior official affairs; (2) compiling and publication of annual report, monthly report and general report of interior statistics, and (3) communication, instruction and audit of statistics of official affairs related to the implementation of the governing regulations and affairs from the Ministry by local governments.       

Section Chief: Mrs. Yuh-Yee Huang  
Phone: 886-2-23565358

Division of Compiling & General Affairs In charge of (1) establishment and maintenance control of the information systems applied to the statistics of the interior work; (2) collection, exchange, management and service of domestic and foreign statistical data; (3) compiling and publication of interior outline, handbook of interior statistics, important reference indicators etc.; and (4) works not belonging to other divisions. 
Section Chief: Mr. Chou-Chia Chou
Phone: 886-2-23565362 
Committee of Interior Statistics (1) studying the standards of interior statistics; (2) reviewing of projects of interior statistics; (3) reviewing survey programs of interior statistics; (4) reviewing editing and calculation of life tables; (5) studying improvement and development of interior statistics, (6) coordinating and communicating all affairs of interior statistics etc. 

Executive Secretary: Mr. Wenn-Cheng Hsieh, also the Inspector  
Phone: 886-2-23565346