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Sustainable National Land and Living Justice
In order to develop Taiwan with the vision of sustainable environment, society, and economy, the MOI has continuously been devoted to the planning of national land development. Through the establishment of two-tier spatial planning system and national land management mechanism, the MOI completes the mechanism to manage national land via the promotion of coastal management and wetland conservation. Coastal resources are protected and conserved and environmental damages resulting from coastal disaster are prevented to ensure smart use and zero net loss of wetlands, ecology of national land can be actively protected together with the incorporation of both environmental conservation and social economic development into national land management strategies.

Guided by overall policy directions of national land planning, the MOI will continue completing urban renewal mechanisms to comprehensively review relevant rules and regulations of urban renewal, encourage public participation and ensure public welfare, necessity and legitimacy of urban renewal. Administrative efficiency of governmental agencies will also be boosted to step up the promotion of urban renewal and promote rational utilization of urban land to revive urban functions and realize visions for urban renewal. Additionally, to achieve living justice and satisfy living needs of the public, a diverse housing policy will be continuously promoted to protect the public rights. By integrating resources and central agencies and local government and utilizing public-private partnership, the MOI adopts approaches of building and sub-letting management to jointly promote social housing under the policy guidance of building 200,000 units in eight years. Through the promulgation of designated rental and lease rules and laws, the MOI strengthens the tenant-owner relationship and develops professional services for positive development of the rental and lease market. The MOI will continue improving Real Estate Transactions Net Login System for better management of transaction management of real estate and enhance land price estimation and search, price valuation mechanism and joint review of land taxes with the Ministry of Finance to ensure rational determination of land tax basis.