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The Ministry shall be in charge of the following matters:

  1. The planning, promotion, supervision, and guidance of policies and systems for local government, local organizations, local self-government, administrative divisions, regional collaboration, election and recall, political parties, political donations, and lobbying.
  2. The planning and promotion of policies and systems for household registration and management, acquisition and change of nationality, name regulations, national identification cards, and population statistics; the planning and management of household registration information.
  3. The planning and promotion of policies and systems for land and building survey and registration, cadastre and land rights management, land expropriation and readjustment, land value and real estate transactions, national land surveying and mapping, and territorial administration; the guidance of real estate service industry.
  4. The planning, promotion, and guidance of policies and systems for religions, ancestor worship guilds, deity worship associations, funerals, national emblem and flag, honors and awards, and memorial days and holidays.
  5. The planning, guidance, supervision, and resource development of policies and systems for social associations, occupational associations, and cooperative enterprises.
  6. The planning and promotion of policies and systems for conscription source, recruitment, rights and interests of draftees, and substitute services; the execution and supervision of substitute services related affairs.
  7. The planning and promotion of policies and systems for internal information related affairs; the management, auditing, and supervision of cyber security.
  8. The supervision of police affairs, fire prevention and disaster prevention and rescue, border entry/exit control, immigration and new immigrant related affairs, prevention of human trafficking, national land management, and national park related affairs by its subordinate agencies.
  9. The planning, promotion, and supervision of airborne service, national architectural research and development, and police academic development and skilled personnel training by its subordinate institutions and schools. 
  10. Other matters concerning internal affairs.