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  • In charge of the nation’s internal affairs.
  • Direct and monitor the highest rank local officials involved in the execution of the affairs entrusted to the Ministry.
  • For direct administration affairs, the Ministry has the authority to order or take disciplinary actions against the highest rank local officials. When an official is suspected of conducting illegal acts or overstepping his/her authority, this local official may be suspended or removed pending a resolution from an Executive Yuan meeting.



  • 1st layer-Ministry of the Interior
  • 2nd layer-Secretariat, Dept. of Civil Affairs, Dept. of Household Registration Affairs, Dept. of Land Administration, Cooperative & Civil Associations Preparatory Office, Dept. of General Affairs, Dept. of Personnel, Dept. of Civil Service Ethics, Dept. of Accounting, Dept. of Statistics, Legal Affairs Committee, Petitions and Appeals Committee, Information Management Center
  • 3rd National Police Agency , Construction and Planning Agency , National Fire Agency , Conscription Agency , National Immigration Agency , Central Police University , Architecture and Building Research Institute , National Airborne Service Corps
  • 4th layer-National Land Surveying and Mapping Center, Land Consolidation Engineering Bureau