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LIU, SHYH-FANG(Minister, Ministry of the Interior).jpg
Minister, Ministry of the Interior
  • MS in Environmental Engineering, Oklahoma State University, USA
  • BS in Chemical Engineering, Tamkang University, Taiwan
  • Legislator of Tenth term in Legislative Yuan 2020/2~2024/1
  • Legislator of Ninth term in Legislative Yuan 2016/2~2020/1
  • Deputy Mayor, Kaohsiung City Government 2010/12~2014/12
  • Managing Director, The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung Organizing Committee 2008/8~2010/6
  • Deputy Secretary General, National Security Council 2007/2~2008/1
  • Deputy Secretary General, Office of the President 2006/7~2007/2
  • Secretary General, Executive Yuan 2002/7~2004/5
  • Legislator of Fifth term in Legislative Yuan 2002/2~2002/6
  • Deputy Magistrate of Taichung County 1999/2~2001/12
  • Director, Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government 1997/8~1998/12