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2021-02-09Minister of the Interior Meets 13 Goodwill Ambassadors from Young Generation of New Immigrants
2021-11-30Important Updates~【2022 Substitute Services Foundation Training Schedule】
2021-11-26Growth of Learning: Contribute Specialties Ministry of the Interior Commendation of 55 Extraordinary Substitute Civilian Servicemen
2021-11-18In case of Overseas Chinese Draftees returning for avoiding COVID-19 diseases, the period conforming to the requirements of deferred enlistment shall not be counted into the period of residence
2021-11-09Additional Automatic 30-Day Extensions Announced for Foreigners who have Legally Stayed for 180 Days or More
2021-10-26National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior Annual Report 2020
2021-10-14The Mobile Vehicle Outreach Service operated by the National Immigration Agency constructs a Care and Guardian Network for New Immigrants. Lin Hsing-Chun hopes that children of new immigrants to build dream courageously
2021-09-01The Call-to-Service of Training of Reservist Draftees of Substitute Services will Resume Processing in September
2021-08-18Draftees applies  General Substitute Services in second half of 2021
2021-08-05Unafraid of the COVID-19 challenge, Taiwan Keeps Tier 1 ranking in Trafficking in Persons Report for 12 consecutive years
2021-08-02Online application for formal academic degree students will be launched on 2021/08/01
2021-07-10Pursuing Dreams! 85 New Immigrants and their Children Receive Awards and Subsidies from the National Immigration Agency to Realize their Dreams in Taiwan
2021-06-04Regarding applications for phased military training for students born after 1994
2021-06-04National Immigration Agency Invites New Immigrants to Sing Their Love to Their Mothers on the Eve of Mother’s Day
2021-05-28NIA Announces Authorized Residency or Stay Relief Measures Due to COVID-19