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2021-02-09Minister of the Interior Meets 13 Goodwill Ambassadors from Young Generation of New Immigrants
2021-06-04Regarding applications for phased military training for students born after 1994
2021-06-04National Immigration Agency Invites New Immigrants to Sing Their Love to Their Mothers on the Eve of Mother’s Day
2021-05-06Substitute Services Summary Schedule (Class 223)
2021-04-27Over 1 million false 119 calls per year: National Fire Agency reminds the public to treasure emergency medical resources as any false report may be fined up to NT$15,000.
2021-04-21The Institute of Architecture of the Ministry of the Interior published the "Reference Manual for Anti-seismic Countermeasures for Furniture and Home Appliances."
2021-04-21The Ministry of the Interior announced that the Taiwan Construction Center was designated as a professional organization for smart building mark evaluation.
2021-04-21[Old House Reconstruction Technique] The Institute of Architecture of the Ministry of the Interior has developed a phased seismic reinforcement design method for existing buildings to prevent collapse.
2021-04-21The announcement newly designated Taiwan Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. Kaohsiung Branch (Environmental Safety and Health Business Group) as the green building material performance test agency.
2021-04-21The Institute of Architecture of the Ministry of the Interior handled the results briefing session on "BIM education and training for social housing application building information modeling and the establishment of BIM procurement contract reference documents and work flow drafting".
2021-03-17Ministry of the Interior streamlines application process for foreign nonprofit organizations to set up offices in Taiwan
2021-02-26Chen Che-wen, New President’s Inauguration at Central Police University. Minister Hsu Kuo-yung: Shouldering heavy responsibility of cultivating professional talent.
2021-02-01Ministry of the Interior: Do not neglect fire safety and wish all people have a peaceful and joyful Lunar New Year
2020-11-17Moving Towards A 3D Smart Government, Presentation Held By The Ministry Of The Interior Sees The Exchange Of Ideas Between Experts Of Industry, Officials and Academia
2020-11-12Ministry Of The Interior: Fines To Be Imposed On Local Governments For the Illegal Presale of House