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2020-11-11Moving Towards A Smart Homeland - The Ministry of the Interior’s 3D National Map Service Is Now Online!
2020-11-08Leading The World! The Ministry Of The Interior’s New Patented Fire Scenarios Smoke Generator Helps Inspect Fire Safety Designs
2020-11-06Ministry Of The Interior: Information Including House Price Index Periodically Compiled and Released
2020-11-06The Ministry Of the Interior: Land belonging To The Irrigation Association Are Legally Requested And Registered As “State-Owned” - A Legal Act
2020-10-28New Power Party True Misunderstanding! The Ministry Of The Interior Clarifies: Penalties On Illegal Pre-sale Homes Clearly Specified; Reporting Welcome
2020-10-287 More Outstanding High-level Professionals Naturalized To The Benefit of Taiwan
2020-10-25Connecting Daqiu And Beigan Islands - Hsu Kuo-yung: People Going Back And Forth Will No Longer Be Limited
2020-10-20Giving Life To Buildings - The Ministry Of The Interior Recognizes 8 Excellent Intelligent Buildings
2020-09-01Ministry of the Interior (MOI): Digital national ID card will be implemented in accordance with law-based administration
2020-09-01Taiwan ranks at the top in human trafficking prevention for 11 consecutive years – MOI hosts workshops with contractors to combat forced labor
2020-08-28Retaining high-level professionals through naturalization – 7 more professionals naturalized
2020-08-23Project Around Taitung Station – MOI: Helping to improve the environment around the station through Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program
2020-08-15MOI: Access to the land administration and household registration system is controlled and monitored rigorously along with meticulous records
2020-08-12Inauguration of Taroko "Mountain-Moon Bridge" – MOI welcomes the public to appreciate its stunning beauty
2020-08-02Love Taiwan! 149 high-level professionals from 5 major continents have become Taiwanese citizens