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Public Participation for the Common Entity
Safeguarding people’s safety and developing sustainability is the important policy vision of the MOI and to realize this vision, healthy “civil participation” is required. With the realization of procedure justice, policy measures of the MOI can be more extensive and comprehensive. Hence, through public participation, development of civil society becomes more vibrant and this is the policy objective for the MOI to continuously work on. During the promotion process of urban planning, urban renewal, and land expropriation, the MOI has been devoted to complete relevant mechanisms for public participation and will continuously promote reform of relevant rules and regulations to ensure democratic political participation and develop good competition mechanism for political competition for facilitating healthy development of party politics. Relevant rules governing management of civil organizations will be also liberated for the development of exceptional civil society.

On the other hand, under the influence of globalization, countries have more frequent exchanges. Taiwan cannot be left behind. In order to attract quality professionals to work(stay) in Taiwan, the MOI continuously enhances talent recruitment police for international professionals. The Nationality Act was amended and promulgated on December 21st, 2016 and enacted and promulgated “ Standards for Defining High-Level Professionals for Naturalization” and “ Directions for Identifying a Foreign National or a Stateless Person Who has Made Special Contributions to the ROC” , which properly liberate relevant rules for naturalization, entry and exit Taiwan and immigration to create friendly environment that can retain talent. Additionally, along with joining of more new immigrants, it is important for the government to take care and provide counselling. Thus, National Immigration Agency of MOI has launched various programs and initiatives to assist new immigrants to adapt to life in Taiwan and develop family counselling mechanism. Children of new immigrants are also assisted by providing friendly living space to reduce barriers for new immigrants to adapt to the environment and to build rich and diverse internationalized society.