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Combating Fraud and Preventing Scams
"Double Source Elimination" to Enhance Anti-Fraud Measures
To safeguard citizens' property and eradicate fraud, the MOI is intensifying efforts to combat emerging forms of fraud. Through close cross-agency collaboration, the MOI is advocating for four new anti-fraud legislation: the Fraud Prevention Act, the Science and Technology Investigation Act, the Communication Security and Surveillance Act, and the Money Laundering Control Act. These initiatives aim to establish a robust crime prevention network to prevent digital economy, financial, and telecom fraud.

Public-Private Collaboration and Joint Anti-Fraud Defense
The MOI is promoting a joint anti-fraud advocacy mechanism between the government and the private sectors, involving NGOs, religious organizations, and other civil society groups. Through civil affairs, religion, police units, and the education system, the MOI aims to strengthen anti-fraud advocacy capacity, raise public awareness of fraudulent activities and other anti-fraud measures provided by the government, and educate the public to identify fraudulent behaviors. At the same time, the MOI is reinforcing the reporting function of the 165 Anti-Fraud Hotline and increasing the frequency of publishing the list of "High-Risk Fraud-related Businesses" on 165 Anti-Fraud Network, so as to make the public to promptly identify fraud risks.