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Giving People Peace of Mind and Convenience
The priority duty of Ministry of the Interior (MOI) is to provide people a safe, secure and convenient living space. Hence, the MOI has been devoted to the enhancement of safety and security, border control and management, disaster relief and rescue capabilities, building safety management and provision of diverse and friendly public services.

For enhancement of safety and security as well as border control and management, the MOI actively strengthens the social safety network to ensure social safety and through inter-departmental and international (cross-border) cooperation and the partnership with the private sector. The MOI actively counters drug trafficking and fraud at source and fights against transnational crimes. With the use of information and communications technology, capabilities to manage border security and analyze big data of police affairs are enhanced, and integration of relevant security information systems helps the MOI to boost scientific and technological detection abilities. With the new thought on crime prevention and investigation, the MOI gives the peace of mind to people as well. Additionally, the MOI continuously cooperates with social, political, educational, and judicial institutions to jointly promote women and children protection policies to stop domestic violence, sexual offenses and sexual transactions as well as to safeguard campus security.

To respond to rising large scale complex disasters resulting from extreme climate, the MOI continuously boosts its capabilities to prevent and rescue from disasters with comprehensive management strategies for different scenarios and through the enhancement of disaster prevention and rescue abilities at the basic level, utilization of disaster prevention and rescue cloud, promotion of regional joint governance model, comprehensive manpower and equipment, and execution of disaster prevention and rescue trainings, the MOI improves its overall capabilities to deal with disasters and effectively protect people life and property safety.

Furthermore, a safe living environment is required for people that demands the peace of mind. Hence, the MOI will continuously improve building safety management to track and discuss relevant rules governing building safety to complete building auditing, inspection and checkup mechanism of completion, to reinforce handling of illegal buildings, to promote seismic evaluation of old buildings and advance the R&D of construction technology to improve construction technology and building safety to let people live in a safe and high quality environment.

Besides a safe and secured living space, the MOI actively provides accessible household and land-related services for people for further providing a convenient environment. Through continuous inter-agency cooperation, a one-stop service mechanism is implemented and gradually, more service items will be applied online (remotely) and in different locations. The public will save more time and energy to access the services needed for achieving the policy of simplified polices and provision of convenient public services.