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Which industries pay to use the declaration of real estate transaction information Open Data?

  • Source:地政司
  • Contact Person:倪惠芬
  • Contact Information:02-23565359

Ministry of the Interior has been promoting the declaration of real estate transaction information query system since 2012, to make the information widely accessible to the public, we provided free and paid download services for Open Data depending on the availability of coordinate fields in 2013. (Website: As of October 2023, the number of paid downloads of the information totaled 6,517 times, with the highest proportions coming from the financial & insurance industry, the real estate brokerage industry (brokers and agents), and academic research, accounting for 23.1%, 22.7%, and 18.5% of the total downloads. Other users include the real estate online services industry, government departments, who also pay for downloading Open Data frequently.

Through querying and analyzing the Open Data, one can objectively interpret the real estate market transaction conditions, grasp price trends and distribution, enhance market transparency, and reduce information asymmetry. We welcome the public to make extensive use of Open Data for applications and research.