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2022-05-18National Fire Agency: we are trying to get a budget for pandemic prevention incentives in response to the pandemic.
2022-05-17Latest Administrative Districts Boundaries Data Are Now Open to the Public.
2022-05-10Household registration statistics data analysis in Apr 2022
2022-04-30The National Police Agency takes “public security and pandemic prevention” into account from now on and will work closely with local governments to tighten COVID-19 prevention at specific entertainment venues
2022-04-222022 Education Training on Standard Open Document Format (ODF) National Airborne Service Corps, MOI
2022-04-21The latest 2021 Taiwan e-Map map tiles (3rd batch) updated.
2022-04-20The latest 2021 Taiwan e-Map updated data (3rd batch)is now available.
2022-04-20The latest, as of April 2022, vector data sets include "Ports" and relative landmarks had been updated and open to the public.
2022-04-18Advocating integrity and the rule of law and combating corruption through public-private partnerships, National Airborne Service Corps holds Corporate Integrity Forum
2022-04-162022 Educational Training on Information Security National Airborne Service Corps, MOI
2022-04-15The announcement re-designated Taiwan Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. (Chemical Laboratory-Taipei) as the green building material performance testing institution.
2022-04-15Research on Accessible Design Principles of Age-Friendly House.
2022-04-15Comparative Research on the Accessible Facilities Improvement Act of Existing Public Buildings in in the United States, Japan and Taiwan.
2022-04-11Latest Administrative Districts Boundaries Data Are Now Open to the Public.
2022-04-08National Airborne Service Corps Duty Implementation Statistics in March 2022