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2021-10-21The latest 2021 UAS ortho photos (2nd batch)are now available.
2021-10-20The latest 2021 Smaller Scale Topographic Map updated data (1st batch)are now available.
2021-10-19Restrictions on Entering Taiwan (starting October 17, 2021 Taipei Time)
2021-10-18The Grand Annual Event for Rescue Dogs: National Rescue Dogs IRO Evaluation Certification
2021-10-14Latest Administrative Districts Boundaries Data Are Now Open to the Public.
2021-10-08Policy update: Participants of “Free Rental Service of Laptops and Tablets for New Immigrants” may only renew their rental contract once
2021-10-08Household registration statistics data analysis in Sep 2021
2021-10-06Taiwan, U.S., Japan Hold Webinar on Combating Cybercrime under G.C.T.F.
2021-10-05The timeline for Alien Resident Certificate application and replacement has been extended (from 15 days to 30 days, since the day of entering Taiwan) for foreigners, residents of Hong Kong and Macao, and Taiwanese unregistered nationals.
2021-10-04The Taiwan e-Map map tiles updated in September, 2021.
2021-10-01Latest Administrative Districts Boundaries Data Are Now Open to the Public.
2021-09-25Restrictions on Entering Taiwan(starting September 25, 2021 Taipei Time)
2021-09-24The results of 2021 Cadastral Resurvey Announced.
2021-09-18Over 150,000 New Immigrants and APRC Holders Are Eligible for “Quintuple stimulus vouchers”
2021-09-15Rescue heroes also need to build mental strength: Hsu Kuo-yung thanks World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce (WTCC) for its donation and support