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2023-12-08Household registration statistics data analysis in Nov 2023
2023-11-29The Taiwan e-Map map tiles updated in November, 2023.
2023-11-28The National Police Agency Strengthens Firearm and Ammunition Review Process with Low Kinetic Energy Firearms System
2023-11-23The Architecture and Building Research Institute(ABRI), Ministry of the Interior, ROC (Taiwan) held an international academic symposium on "The Elderly and Barrier-free Living Environment" with a successful ending.
2023-11-21The latest 2023 Basic Topographic Map updated data (1st batch)are now available.
2023-11-13Duty implementation statistics – National Airborne Service Corps From 1 Jan 2004 to 31 Oct 2023
2023-11-10Household registration statistics data analysis in Oct 2023
2023-11-09The latest vector data sets, as of November 2023, include "Rail" and relative landmarks have been updated and open to the public.
2023-11-07The latest 2023 Taiwan e-Map updated data (1st batch) is now available.
2023-11-07“Introduction & Practice of Building Energy-Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Design” seminar, hosted by the Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior, was met with enthusiastic participation from attendees.
2023-11-03The latest UAS ortho photos (2nd batch) in 2023 are now available.
2023-10-30Duty implementation statistics – National Airborne Service Corps From 1 Jan 2004 to 30 Sep 2023
2023-10-27The latest 2023 Taiwan e-Map map tiles (1st batch) updated.
2023-10-26Potential Draftees who study overseas can apply for conscription-related physical examination when they return from abroad
2023-10-26Taiwan Delegation Clinches 45 Gold Medals at World Police and Fire Games Greeted by President