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2022-11-29Latest Administrative Districts Boundaries Data Are Now Open to the Public.
2022-11-28The Taiwan e-Map map tiles updated in November, 2022.
2022-11-25Police on Standby before the Election
2022-11-17National Fire Agency Developed MOU with Domestic and International Private Organizations for Improvement of Major Disaster Response Capability
2022-11-14The latest 2022 Basic Topographic Map updated data (1st batch) are now available.
2022-11-11The latest 2022 Taiwan e-Map updated data (1st batch) is now available.
2022-11-10Household registration statistics data analysis in Oct 2022
2022-11-08The latest, as of November 2022, vector data sets include "Rail" and relative landmarks had been updated and open to the public.
2022-11-07At the 2022 Assistive Technology for Life, the Architecture Research Institute of the Ministry of the Interior set up a booth, and offered on-site advisory service.
2022-11-01Chartered flight for National Search and Rescue Team in Humanitarian rescue missions for precious rescue time
2022-11-01The latest 2021 Basic Topographic Map updated data (5th batch) are now available.
2022-11-01Self-enrollment for Automated Immigration Clearance System (e-Gate) Has Officially Launched
2022-10-314th Automatic Extension for validity of「Speedy Immigration Inspection Certificate for Foreign Frequent Visitors」
2022-10-24The latest 2022 Taiwan e-Map map tiles (1st batch) updated.
2022-10-21The latest UAS ortho photos (2nd batch) in 2022 are now available.