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The proportion of women who gave birth to three or more children in ROC dropped from 37.3% in 1976 to 11.1% in 2006, reached a low of 9.76% in 2011, and rose slightly to 11.9% in 2023. It is obvious that with the changes in society, the proportion of women giving birth to their third child has declined.

The proportion of live-baby order in various counties and cities in 2023, among which the highest proportion of first babies was Taipei City (58.73%), followed by Taichung City (55.20%), and Kaohsiung City (55.01%). According to statistics, the county with the highest proportion of babies born as the third child and beyond is Taitung County (20.50%), followed by Hualien County (20.42%), and Nantou County (18.87%). In order to encourage the younger generation to have children, the government has increased childcare subsidies since 2024, respectively, with additional subsidies for the second and third children and beyond. More information can be found on the Executive Yuans’s website major Policies "National child care policy for ages 0-6".