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In line with the government's intention to transform organizations, from July 23, 2013 the Ministry of the Interior's original responsibility for national social welfare services will be transferred to the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The Civil Associations and Cooperative Society business sections formerly under the Ministry of the Interior's Social Affairs Department were merged to form The Cooperative & Civil Associations Preparatory Office, which is in charge of the planning, implementation, guidance, and supervision of national Civil Associations and Cooperative Enterprises. The Cooperative & Civil Associations Preparatory Office was formally established on September 20, 2023 with five sections: Social Associations Registration Section, Social Associations Counselling Section, Occupational Associations Section, Cooperative Enterprises Administration Section, and Cooperative Enterprises Counselling Section. At present, the responsible authorities of Civil Associations and Co-operative Societies are the Ministry of the Interior at the central level and the municipal and county (city) governments at the local level. However, their activities should be guided and supervised by the authorities in charge of the respective activities.