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Ministry of the Interior: The disclosure of relay water tanks and base stations for house trading begins May 1.

  • PostDate:2020-04-29 09:00

Are you concerned that the house you bought is different from what you had imagined? According to the Ministry of the Interior (MOI), in order for the general public to better understand the current condition of a house, starting May 1, 2020, the location information of the available relay pump machine room, the water tank, and the mobile phone base stations should be clearly stated in the “Contract of adhesion for sale and purchase of completed houses and real-estate manual” to keep consumers fully informed and avoid future trading disputes.”

According to the MOI, the “Mandatory or Prohibitory Provisions of Standard Contracts for the Sale and Purchase Readily Available House” and the “Mandatory or Prohibitory Provisions of Instruction of Property” were amended last year (2019). The provision state that contractors or real-estate agencies should fully disclose whether or not mobile phone base stations resolved and agreed upon by the owners or the management committee to be installed on the rooftop of the property for sale and whether or not there is a relay pump machine room or a water tank in the building. If so, the floor where the aforementioned are located should be clearly stated to that consumers can be given important information on the details of the existing condition of the house, which will aid consumers in making the right trading decisions.

According to the MOI, the amended “Contract of adhesion for sale and purchase of completed houses” with effect from May 1. Prior to contract signing, the general public is reminded to read the contents of the contract. If the contract provided by the contractor is found to be in violation of the provision on matters to be and not to be stated, the public may demand the contractor to modify the contract terms to ensure their own interests. At the same time, the public may report to the special municipality and county (city) government where the completed house construction case is located to request the contractor to make corrections before a given date. If corrections fail to be made after the deadline, the contractor is subject to a fine of up to $300,000 in accordance with Article 56-1 of the Consumer Protection Act.

The MOI also reminds that real-estate agencies commissioned to sell completed houses beginning May 1 should use the new version of the real-estate manual to provide explanations to buyers. The MOI also calls on the public to “stop, observe, and listen” before buying a house and to cautiously evaluate whether or not the house meets the needs and is within reach financially. If the public finds that an agent fails to produce and provide an explanation according to the amended real-estate manual, an offense report may be filed at the special municipality and county (city government) where the real-estate agency is located. People who wish to access the revised version released may visit the website of “Dept. of Land Administration, M.O.I.” ( ).