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Cadastral information is available online.

  • PostDate:2023-09-01 15:03

  To provide handy spatial information service, an “Online Cadastral Map System” has been developed. In the system, the land location is firstly found by the ways of entering the associated land number, building number and village. People can then obtain the related land information without going to the local land office in person to view the cadastral map and to apply the cadastral transcript. Moreover,more than 1100 areas have seen the addition of Cadastralinformation for various phases ,encompassing section levy, municipal rezoning and rural community rezoning,These phases inciude completed cases,ongoing cases,and those in the planning stages. It not only release basic data (location, range and area) of the development zones but provide additional information regarding the deliberation process and progress of planning cases, related images and project operation. People can handily and freely acquire the desired cadastral map and development zone information, which do not involve personal data violations.