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Police Medal Act

  • PostDate:1948-07-02 00:00



Article 1    Police officers who meet any of the following conditions shall be eligible to be awarded the Police Medal by the Ministry of the Interior:

1.     Gaining outstanding achievements on the establishments and improvements in policing.

2.     Making a significant contribution to academic research in policing.

3.     Being able to prevent and quell local riots or other serious emergency when they happened; or providing necessary assistance in upholding local peace and order at the request of other police agencies.

4.     Exposing or nailing those who are involved in rebellion, treason, traitor or espionage.

5.     Seizing robbers on the spot or afterwards to protect the public lives and properties.

6.     Seizing fugitives or escaped criminal defendants who are sentenced to imprisonment of no less than five years.

7.     Seizing carried or concealed arsenal weapons, murderous weapon or other dangerous objects which have reached a severe degree.

8.     Seizing the contrabands to an outstanding achievement.

9.     Having spared no effort to perform his/her duty and deserving well recognition.

10.   Serving continuously for more than 10 years without AWOL and with excellent achievements.


Article 2     The Police Medals are gradated into four grades with three levels of each grade. The initial award for officials of senior rank is the first grade; the initial award for officials of associate rank is the second grade; the initial award for officials of junior rank is the third grade; the initial award for sergeants and officers is the fourth grade. The Medal of every grade shall be advanced from the third level by order. Any of the police personnel who hold positions equivalent to officials of senior, associate or junior rank shall be awarded in accordance with their respective rank.


Article 3     If any of the police personnel with senior rank whose merits have accumulated to the first level of the first grade and continued to gain outstanding achievements, the Ministry of the Interior may make collective reports or a special project to the Executive Yuan to refer the proposal to the National Government for Special Awards. Any of the police officers below the associate rank with accumulative merits shall advance to the third level award of the higher grade rank, but he/she can only advance once within one year.


Article 4     Unless the Police Medal is specially awarded by the Ministry of the Interior, in general, the supervisors in-charge shall fill out the would-be recipient’s Statement of Achievement and submit the application to the Ministry of the Interior for awarding the Police Medal and Certificate, whereas those officers whose rank are higher than the third level of the third grade shall be reported to the Executive Yuan for record.

     If the medals or certificates specified in the preceding paragraph are lost, the medal-recipient may make a statement describing the course of the incident to the local competent authority of the recipient’s domicile or the employment agency for re-issuance.


Article 5     The Police Medal shall be worn above the left lapel of uniform or ceremonial uniform, But if any of the officers who has received a Medal of Honor awarded by the National Government, he/she shall wear the Police Medal on the right or lower side of the Medal of Honor.

Article 6     The Police Medal shall be worn for life; however, once the medal-recipient is pronounced a sentence of deprivation of citizen’s rights due to criminal sanction, his/her medal and certificate shall be returned to the Ministry when the judgment is finalized.


Article 7     The patterns of the Police Medals and Certificates shall be regulated by the Ministry of the Interior.


Article 8     This Act shall come into force on the date of promulgation.