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Deputy Minister Wu Jung-hui Conducts Inspection with National Immigration Agency at Taichung Airport

  • PostDate:2023-08-16 09:00

On 4th August, 2023, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of the Interior, Wu Jung-hui, made a visit to Taichung Port Border Affairs Brigade of the Border Affairs Corps at Taichung Airport. Deputy Minister Wu expressed his concern about operational challenges and post-pandemic recovery of passenger volume during the briefing from the Taichung Port Border Affairs Brigade. He also paid special attention to the demand and effectiveness of the automated immigration clearance system (e-Gate). Meanwhile, Deputy Minister Wu gained an in-depth understanding of interview execution and current inspections against suspicious inbound foreign travelers. Frontline officers’ constant effort of preventing illegal individuals from outside the border was also appreciated.

The N.I.A. informed Deputy Minister Wu that, on top of regular routes to Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the Tigerair has also reactivated its regular flight to Macau since July, 2023. Moreover, the Tigerair adds new charter flights to Busan, Danang and Jeju from July to September. As Taichung Airport has offered relevant discounts for those landing in Taichung Airport, airlines’ willingness to fly “in and out from Taichung” is expected to enhance accordingly. Currently, passenger numbers have seen significant growth after the pandemic. The N.I.A. will keep monitoring closely and sticking to a seamless examination.

After the meeting, Deputy Minister Wu and attendees were all engaged in a friendly and insightful conversation. Deputy Minister Wu warmly showed his care about colleagues’ commute and duty. He encouraged and expected all colleagues to take care of their own well-being and commuting safety during this period of recovering passenger volume, so as to sustain a successful and secured border management.