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The whole series of the Topographic Map of all time(from 1976 to 2020) is available via Taiwan Map Service of Land Surveying and Mapping Center, M.O.I. It's time to apply!

  • PostDate:2022-06-01 14:15

The Topographic Map with aerial photo is the critical data for sustaining and improving the quality of life and economic vitality of the nation. The geographic information available from the Topographic Map includes boundaries, elevation, geographic names, hydrography, land use, orthoimagery and transportation.

Created from 1976, the Topographic Map can be only purchased in printversion in the past. Since 2006, the National Land Surveying and Mapping Center(NLSC), M.O.I. took over the mission, revised the contents and provides the Topographic Map in several versions. To meet the growing and variety needs for geospatial information, the NLSC has collected all the georeferenced digital files of scanned historic Topographic Maps and integrated those data into the TMS (Taiwan Map Service, All you need to do is to access the internet and then you can browse the whole series of the Topographic Map of all time(from 1976 to 2020). Or, those data set can be brought into a GIS software by the Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) of the TMS and it's all free without any registration. For more details about WMTS, please visit the website(