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NPA Assisting DNA Analysis in Hualien Train Derailment at its Full Capacity

  • PostDate:2021-05-03 09:27

In order to assist the grieving families to identify the remains of their loves ones in the Hualien train derailment incident, Chen, Jia-Chin, Director-general of National Police Agency (NPA), has instructed the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB), one of whose responsibilities is DNA analysis, to help with the identification right after the passengers were evacuated and sent to hospitals for treating their injuries.

As soon as the instruction is given, a team of 7 DNA & fingerprint specialists was assigned to the Hualien County Police Bureau (HCPB) by Huang, Chia-Lu, the Commissioner of CIB, where the specimens collected at the incident site were temporarily stored.

The digital copy of the fingerprints were then transmitted to CIB for the identification by the specialists, while the specimens collected at the incident site were required to be transported back to the laboratory at the headquarters of CIB and Institute of Forensic Medicine, Ministry of Justice, respectively, for conducting the DNA analysis. Two victims’ remains have been identified so far after the team’s arrival.

“The police officers from CIB and HCPB will spare no effort in helping the families who have lost their loved ones in the incident,” the NPA said. “It is hoped that the victims’ family would be able to rest assured before funerals could be arranged.”