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Extension of Visitor Visa

  • PostDate:2005-03-07 00:00

Q: How to apply for the extension of visitor visa?


1.Regulated by Immigration Law and Regulations Governing Alien Visits, Residence and Permanent Residence

2.Required Documents:

(1)An Application Form

(2)The supporting documents clarifying the purpose of the extension (such as the work permit issued by the relevant authorities, a household registration, enrollment certificate, documents from hospital).

(3)The original passport (with an extendable visitor visa).

3.Processing Period:

Application will be processed while-you-wait.

4.Application Authorities:

Foreign Affairs Division of Taipei/Kaohsiung Municipal Police Department; Foreign Affairs Division of County/City Police Bureau, Taiwan Province; Administration Division of Kinmen/Lienchiang County Police Bureau, Fukien Province.

5.Application Management:

Directly managed at the counter.

6.Application way:

Application shall be filed in person or entrusted to a representative.

7.Notes for Application:

(1)Alien visitors who enter the ROC with a visa exemption may not apply for extension.

(2)Aliens with a visitor visa, which stated “No Extension Will Be Granted” issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, may not apply for extension.

(3)Each extension must not exceed the original duration granted on the visitor visas and it cannot be extended over six months or 180 days.


Multiple-purpose Application Form for Foreign Residents


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