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  • PostDate:2005-03-14 00:00

I. Q: If an alien who has already paid a fine for overstay, why is the deportation still necessary?


Any alien who failed to apply for extension of residence before his/her legal residency expires must leave the country no later than the last day of his/her legal residency. For an alien who has overstayed, he/she has failed to perform his/her legal obligation and should be subjected to a fine. Nevertheless, his/her obligation to leave the country still exists; if he/she does not fulfill such obligation, he/she will be forcibly deported from the State.


II. Q: What procedures are required to change the purpose of residence during an alien’s residency period?


Any alien who wishes to change the purpose of residence during his/her residency period, such as from study to joining family, or from joining family to employment, must apply for a change of resident visa to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its subsidiary branches within fifteen days. After which, he/she must change his/her registration of purpose of residence at the local police bureau of his/her place of residency to re-approve his/her residency period.


III. Q: How should an alien apply for extension of residence if he/she has already applied for necessary document to the appropriate offices during his/her legal residency but has not received such document before his/her residency expires?


Any alien who has applied for extension of residence but has not received proper document before his/her residency expires may report to the police bureau using documents proving such application; the police may in turn extend the residency for one month if necessary. After the official document is obtained, the applicant must report to the police again and adjust the residency period. If an alien loses his/her passport or traveling document, he/she may also proceed with the same process.


IV. Q: Can an alien continue his/her residence if he/she obtained his/her ARC through marriage but his/her spouse has subsequently died or he/she has divorced the first spouse and marries another ROC citizen?


An alien who obtains his/her ARC through marriage with an ROC citizen has this ROC citizen’s name stated as spouse on this alien’s resident certificate. The alien who remarries another ROC citizen because of the death of his/her spouse or divorcement, the purpose of his/her original visa becomes invalid. He/she should return to his/her own country to change the marriage registration and reapply for a visitor or resident visa for visiting or joining family to the ROC.


V. Q: Should an alien apply for a change of resident visa if he/she has obtained his/her ARC through study at a university’s language center but has later changed to another university’s language center?


An alien who has obtained his/her ARC through study at a university’s language center has the center’s name stated on his/her resident visa. If he/she studies at another university language center, the original purpose of his/her visa shall be changed. An application to change resident visa should be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a change of registration of resident purpose should be done at the police bureau.


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