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Reentry Permit

  • PostDate:2005-03-28 00:00

Q & A


I.Q: How to apply for reentry permit?




1.Regulated by: Article 32 of Immigration Law.


2.Application Authorities:


Foreign Affairs Division of Taipei/Kaohsiung Municipal Police Department; Foreign Affairs Division of County/City Police Bureau, Taiwan Province; Administration Division of Kinmen/Lienchiang County Police Bureau, Fukien Province.


3.Required Documents:


(1)An application form


(2)The passport


(3)The Alien Resident Certificate


(4)Other relevant documents:

(A) Dependents: Relationship documents, such as a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, a transcript of household registration, a copy of household registration, an ID or an ARC.


(B) Employees or investors: Employment certificate.


(C) Foreign students: The original and one photocopy of student card or the enrollment issued by a university or college accredited by the Ministry of Education.


(D) Overseas Chinese students: submit application to school or office of the Overseas Students Counseling Center for approval.


(E) Missionaries: An official invitation letter of approval from the religious institution.


4.Processing Period: Processing while-you-wait (free of charge).


5. Notice:


(1) Aliens excluding the Foreign Laborers and Overseas Chinese students may apply for re-entry permit simultaneously with the application of ARC.


(2) The re-entry permit should be applied before you leave R.O.C.


(3) The re-entry permit for Foreign Laborers can only be used once within one month. If it needs to be extended or shortened, both the employer and the employee should submit the written document. Multiple reentry permit is available only when both employers and employees submit official documents.




II.Q: In what situation is reentry permit invalid?


A:Re-entry permit is invalid when alien resident certificate is cancelled.


Aliens will be deported when they are found entering Taiwan with invalid re-entry permit.

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