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Application for Registration of Change of Resident Information

  • PostDate:2005-04-18 00:00

I.Regulated by Immigration Law and Regulations Governing Alien Visits, Residence and Permanent Residence.


II.Application Authorities:

Foreign Affairs Division of Taipei/Kaohsiung Municipal Police Department; Foreign Affairs Division of County/City Police Bureau, Taiwan Province; Administration Division of Kinmen/Lienchiang County Police Bureau, Fukien Province.


III.Required Documents:


1.An application form.


2.An ARC.


3.Other relevant documents and certificates.


4.The original and one photocopy of the passport, including the resident visa. The original will be returned after verification.


IV.Processing Period:


Application will be processed while-you-wait (Free of charge).


V.Application Management:


Directly managed at the counter.


VI.Application Way:


Application shall be filed in person or entrusted to a representative.


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