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Information on Applying for Alien Permanent Resident Certificate

  • PostDate:2005-04-25 00:00

I.Regulated by:

1.Article 23 of the Immigration Law

2.Article 40-42 & 63 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Immigration Law

3.Article 12 of the Regulations Governing Visiting, Residence and Permanent residence of Aliens

4.Article 3 of the Permit Fee Standard of the Immigration Law


II.Receiving and screening Authority: Residing local police bureau.


III.Reviewing and Permitting Authority: National Police Administration, MOI.


IV.Required Documents:

1.An application form

2.Two current, full-face photos(1”×1.5”)

3.The Statement of eligibility for the required residence years and physical presence in Taiwan areas.

4.The calculation of the applicant’s physical presence in Taiwan areas each year backwards.

5.The current/old passport, original and one photocopy. The original will be returned after verification

6.The ARC, original and one photocopy. The original will be returned after verification.

7.The satisfactory health examination report.

8.The Income Tax (or Tax-exempt) Certificates for the most recent three years.

9.The Certificates verifying skill, talent, or financial assets.

10.The Police Record Certificates for the most recent five years issued by (a) the applicant’s country of origin and (b) the local police bureau in Taiwan, respectively.

11.The Certificate of Entry and Exit (issued by the Immigration Bureau) verifying dates of continuous legal residence.

12.Other relevant certificates.


V.Processing Period:

1.Residing Local Police Bureau: Within five days.

2.The National Police Administration: Within two months.


VI.Application Fee: NT$10,00


VII.Notes for Application:

Beginning in the following year after issuance, those APRC holders who do not reside in the ROC for at least 183 days per calendar year are subject to cancellation of Permanent Residency rights, unless approval of the Authority is obtained in advance. Each approval is subject to a maximum of two years.



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