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In 2020, more than 90% of the land required for public infrastructure was obtained by agreement

  • Source:地政司
  • Contact Person:倪惠芬
  • Contact Information:02-2356-5359

When the government establishes water conservancy, communication or transportation and other public infrastructures that need to use private land, according to the Land Expropriation Act, it can only apply for expropriation when it cannot be obtained through negotiated and reached an agreement on the price of acquisition or by other means. In 2020, government agencies need to obtain a total of 611.94 hectares of private land to establish public interest undertakings, of which 575.55 hectares of land acquired through negotiated and reach an agreement on the price of acquisition or by other means, accounting for 94.05% of the acquired private land area. Among them, undertaking types those private land area more than 1 hectare within the scope, in addition to communication or transportation and water conservancy, including public utilities, state-owned enterprises, science parks and industrial parks undertakings obtained more than 90% land by agreement. Which shows that all land use applicants are striving to obtain land owners’ agreement and to reduce expropriation.