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Lowering of the Language Proficiency Standard for Naturalization

  • PostDate:2017-07-28 09:00

Standards for Identification of Basic Language Abilities and General Knowledge of the Rights and Duties of Naturalized ROC Citizens was promulgated on June 3, 2017; for the following 3 conditions including foreign spouses who have divorced an ROC national due to domestic violence and have not since remarried, or their ROC spouse has died and they have not remarried who had been married to an ROC national for at least two years, or who can demonstrate they remain in contact with family members of their deceased spouse, support their children who possess ROC nationality and who are legally incompetent or have limited legal competence, exercise rights and obligations on behalf of such children, and meet and interact in person with them, they are entitled to less stringent regulations applicable to foreign spouses when applying for naturalization in terms of basic proficiency in the national language of the ROC and basic knowledge of the rights and obligations of ROC nationals. For instance, when attending courses conducted by the Taiwanese government, the total number of hours required in the class is decreased from 200 hours to 72 hours, and the passing score for the naturalization test is reduced from 70 points to 60 points.