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Ministry of the Interior carries out the 2023 on-site appraisal of documentation management at the Land Consolidation Engineering Bureau on November 3, 2023.

  • PostDate:2023-11-09 15:34

On November 3, 2023, Secretariat Shih Ming-Tzu of the Ministry of the Interior led a documentation management assessment taskforce, which comprises of Section Chief Yeh Chun-Tien and colleagues of the Secretariat MOI, to visit the Land Consolidation Engineering Bureau for an on-site appraisal of documentation management operations for the current year.

Based on 45 assessment items devised in accordance with the “Agency Documentation Management Assessment Guidelines,” the taskforce assessed the Bureau’s implementations one by one, addressing File Acceptance, Case Categorization, Archive and Maintenance, Authentication and Clearance, Sorting and Application, Control of Confidential Files, and Informatization of Text Documents, 90 items in total.

Addressing assessment findings, the taskforce proposed the relevant improving comments and suggestions for reference by the Bureau, with the expectation that the Bureau may set a target for winning the Golden Archive Award, and continue implementing and sophisticating the documentation management tasks.