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The founder of The Shirts Bar was granted permanent residence

  • PostDate:2023-08-02 10:12

Mr. Zeeshan from Pakistan and his spouse Ms. Jiang Shu Rong founded the shirt brand "The Shirts Bar" in 2012. Before founding the brand, Zeeshan had many years of working experience in Pakistan's well-known shirt brands COTTON & COTTON and GIORGENTI, and his wife Jiang Shu Rong, who studied design, met Zeeshan in Pakistan and formed a happy family together. But with the arrival of the child, the couple decided to jointly start a business and establish a brand. In order to provide a better life and living environment for the child, the couple considered many countries they had lived in before, and finally chose to settle in the wife's home country - Formosa Taiwan .

Zeeshan has lived in Taiwan for more than 8 years. In order to facilitate travel and recognize our country, he decided to apply for an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate. A few days ago, Zeeshan appeared at the Taoyuan City Service Center of the Northern District Affairs Brigade of the Immigration Agency, wearing a neat suit with a British gentleman's style. He happily accepted the Alien Permanent Resident Certificate issued by the center. The founder of The Shirts Bar fully displayed the elegant image of successful people for his own brand with his own clothes, which was very impressive.

Huang Ying Kuei (黃英貴), the Director of Taoyuan City Service Center, said that foreigners who have legally lived in Taiwan for 5 consecutive years, living for more than 183 days per year and meeting the relevant qualifications, can apply for permanent residence at the service center of the Immigration Agency in the place of residence with the relevant documents. Huang congratulated Zeeshan for obtaining an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate, and hoped that The Shirts Bar would combine his and his wife’s advantages to make a success in Taiwan.