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A vibrant Opening Ceremony of CPU's Sports Day: The Challenge to Pursue Excellence

  • PostDate:2020-12-25 10:54

CPU's 39th Sports Day was held on the afternoon of November 19th, 2020, to November 20th, 2020. The opening ceremony was hosted by the secretariat of the Ministry of the Interior, Chen Mao-Chun, on the morning of November 20th. In addition to encouraging teachers and students to pursue the dreams and goals of "faster, higher and further" and to create good performance, Secretariat Chen also encourages us to make self-breakthrough and continuous progress.

 The secretariat of the Ministry of the Interior, Chen Mao-Chun hosts the opening ceremony.

( The secretariat of the Ministry of the Interior, Chen Mao-Chun hosts the opening ceremony. )

Although CPU is a mini-size university (with around 2000 student enrollment), our students have shown excellent performance in various activities, especially in national competitions in recent years. In early November, CPU won 4 gold, 8 silver, and 5 bronze medals in the 50th National Intercollegiate Athletic Games. CPU also won the team double champion of the general men's and women's groups in the “50th National Intercollegiate Athletic Games" and "the National Zhongzheng Cup Judo Championship". These outstanding performances are the achievements and potentials inspired by the implementation of various education and training. CPU hopes that students will bravely challenge themselves and pursue excellence. With sweat and effort, the students write an eternal beautiful page for their youth and never feel regrettable.

The tug of war competition.

( The tug of war competition.)

After the opening ceremony, Chen Mao-Chun, the secretariat of the Ministry of the Interior, and He Nuan-Xuan, the President of CPU Alumni Association, were accompanied by the president and others to watch the finals of the tug of war. President He fired a shot to start the competition. The tug of war championship was won by the junior students (87-1 Student Brigade) and the sophomore students (88-1 Student Brigade) won second place.

The track and field competition.

( The track and field competition.)

President Li Wen-Ming expressed his gratitude to Secretariat Chen Mao-Chun for taking time out of his tight schedule to attend the ceremony and to President He for his support to CPU. In addition to the care and service for CPU’S alumni and the promotion of the Sports Day, each year President He has sponsored Sports Day NT$ 100,000 since 2015. This support provides the most practical support for every student when they were fighting in the contests and creating the great records. His spirit of taking care of his junior schoolmates is really admirable.