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Reinforce the Safety and Hygiene Management for Laboratories: 2020 CPU Laboratory Safety Training Course

  • PostDate:2020-12-01 00:00

According to Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Rules proclaimed by the Ministry of Labor, schools should carry out the necessary safety and hygiene education and training for the staff and students in the laboratories, advocate relevant laws and regulations, and give guidance to promote safety and hygiene. CPU Forensic Science Laboratory routinely conducts 4-hour annual laboratory safety courses and quiz in beginning of each semester for students (staff) who need to use lab for research purpose. The contents of the courses include Safety and Hygiene Management for Laboratories, Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Prevention Guidance and Fire Equipment Operation Drill. Courses mentioned above and relevant regulations are available online. It helps researchers strengthen the concept of safety and hygiene, hazard prevention, and emergency response.

Doctor Hsu Chia-Wei is giving lesson

( Doctor Hsu Chia-Wei is giving lesson. )

The laboratory safety courses started from 8:00 am to 12:00 am on Friday, September 18, 2020. There were 205 students (members) participating in, including two-year and four-year students, master, doctoral students and undergraduate students. The courses was opened by Bai Chong-yan, director of the Forensic Science Laboratory of CPU, to encourage students paying more attention to the hidden crisis in the experimental sites and the importance of self-safety protection in addition to enriching their learning during the semester. Dr. Hsu Chia-Wei, lecturer of Colleges and Universities Laboratory Safety and Hygiene Center of the Ministry of Education, was specially invited to give lessons. Besides teaching of relevant knowledge, Dr. Hsu shared his own experiences while working as public hygiene technicians, and remonstrated the related domestic and foreign videos to remind students (staff) to pay more attention to the easily-overlooked crisis around them. Finally, Zhou, Ding-hong, a CPU graduate and current the Head of Pingding branch of Taoyuan Fire Department, gave guidance of the knowledge of fire prevention and treatment in the laboratories, and led the students to familiarize the operation of fire extinguishers.

Considerations for Events and Gatherings, everyone has mask on in class.

( Considerations for Events and Gatherings, everyone has mask on in class. )


Earthquake evacuation drill.

( Earthquake evacuation drill. )

It is the first time to adopt online test mode this year. Not only can it save energy and reduce using paper, but students can also directly review the evaluation results after the test, and present the analysis of the incorrect answers, to remember the correct concept profoundly. As the online test mode and the answer-with-prizes activities increase the interaction and interest of learning, combined with earthquake evacuation drills and fire extinguisher practical operation, the courses are no longer just concepts delivery. Students (staff) returned with a fruitful training/education results. We believe that everyone would be more familiar with the school environment and emergency response equipment after seminar and know how to protect themselves and keep away from the hazards of laboratories.

Fire extinguisher operation drill.

( Fire extinguisher operation drill. )