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Welcome Party of 2020 "Heritage Night"

  • PostDate:2020-10-30 15:14

To welcome the master graduate students of class 109, four-year undergraduate of class 891 and two-year undergraduate of class 872 of completing the bootcamp training to join the CPU family, CPU department of students affairs and the 44th Students' Association jointly organized the welcoming party of heritage night- "Police TV" on September 22nd, 2020 at Chung-Cheng Auditorium. CPU administrative team participated the entire activity.

Heritage Night-

The heritage night is the most traditional annual event of CPU, it is the most anticipated activity for faculty and students. It means passing CPU's motto to the new students. This year, due to the COVID-19 epidermic, the activities were carried out under the national overall epidemic prevention policy. All the participants took temperature measurements and wore masks except the performers on stage. The seats were also arranged in a crisscross seating pattern and a real-name system to ensure a safe social distance. Before and after the activity, the seating area and stage area were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to implement measures for epidemic prevention. At the same time, the show was broadcasted in live stream. Those who are not able to attend the event would watch the show through the internet at home. It is the first time the “Heritage Night” was broadcasted online, and the audience gave it positive response.

Modern popular dance.

The first show on the program was the Ant Band from the pop music club and followed by the drama performance, modern popular dance, wrestling combined with Kendo, judo, taekwondo, and other sports skills demonstration, wind band performance, etc. These performances were extraordinarily wonderful and dazzling, making the audiences respond passionately with laughter, applause, and give a cry of delight. Through this unforgettable night, the freshmen could understand the education spirit of CPU and the future learning process in the entertaining and educational form, making them more determined to the will of being police and identify with the future law enforcement work.

Kendo, judo, taekwondo, and other sports skills demonstration

After the performance, three representatives of the freshmen expressed their thanks on stage. They are grateful for the care of teachers and the daily guidance of the drill sergeants so that they can quickly and smoothly integrate into the CPU family. Meanwhile, they also show thanks for the senior students who sacrificed their rest time and organized the Heritage Night to welcome them. At the end of the activity, the President ignited the fire of heritage in person, passing the spirit of CPU to all the faculty and students. In addition to greet the freshmen to become a member of CPU, he also hopes they could bear the expectation of the society, become an excellent law enforcement officer with both academic and moral cultivation, civil and military integration, and in line with the needs of modern society. These are the core values of CPU heritage.

Group Picture.

Finally, all faculty and students gathered in front of the specially-built campfire platform in Main Square to enjoy the fireworks show and fire dance performance. The whole activity ended perfectly in a warm atmosphere.