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NPA: Zero Tolerance for 8 Special Industries Going Underground

  • PostDate:2021-05-24 09:29

In response to the latest surge in the Covid-19 cases, the police are being mobilized nationwide to conduct inspections alongside the local competent authorities at business venues of 8 special industries, which are currently under order of temporary suspension, so as to prevent the virus from further spreading among the people working at or visiting such premises.


The said businesses, however, may be going underground and continue to operate at commercial establishments such as motels according to anonymous tip-offs reported to the police. In light of such unlawful conducts being taking shape, Chen, Ja-Chin, the Director-General of National Police Agency, urged the business owners not to undertake ventures that is not only prohibited but also posing a risk of spreading the virus. “A zero-tolerance policy is thus adopted for those ordered to suspend their business. In the meantime, the police are intensifying efforts in collecting intelligence of violations, increasing inspection frequency and enforcing the laws. Referrals will be made to the local competent authorities for punishments of a maximum fine following any case of illegal continuation of business detected,” stressed Director-General Chen.


Given the Covid-19 clusters in greater Taipei area, requests are also made by the Director-General Chen to CECC and CDC to have delivered 1,000 protective suits to Taipei City and New Taipei City Police Departments, respectively. As part of the request, a total of 168 police officers serving with Wanhua Precinct, Taipie City Police Department have been vaccinated, with 337 officers arranged to receive the jab on 17 May for their safety at work.


Furthermore, under the instructions of the Ministry of the Interior, “police officers are required to follow protective protocols while having contacts with members of the public. Acrylic boards are set up at the duty desks as well as other places where people are interviewed by officers. Yet, suspect should only be interviewed outside the police stations or at designated places with good ventilation,” according to NPA.