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The Reform of Police Physical Ability Test

  • PostDate:2020-01-30 10:00

Since 1996, the police physical ability test had contained one item, 3,000 meters run, merely. It had been tested by policemen every six months and performed for many years. During that period, the expressions of reform had been given. After being Director-General of National Police Agency, Chen Ja-chin has visited police stations regularly to listen to the voices of police officers. Then he decided to set up " the Task Force on Reform of Police Physical Ability Test" to invite experts and scholars from the National Taiwan Sport University, University of Taipei, College of Kinesiology, Sports Medicine Center and the representatives of practical agencies jointly discussing specific reform plans for police physical ability training and testing.

The above experts and scholars pointed out that in the face of fighting or chasing the gangsters, in addition to cardiorespiratory abilities, the police also need muscle strength, muscle endurance, agility and explosive power to cope with various situations. The focus of this reform is as follows:

1. A new item, “20 meters out-and-back”, is added to the running test. This gives the police one more choice apart from “3,000 meters run”.

2. The items, “Push-ups”, “sit-ups”, “burpees”, “rope skipping”, and “hand-grip”, are added to the muscle endurance test.

3. The "cardiorespiratory ability" tests are taken in the first half of year, and the "muscle endurance" tests are taken in the second half of year:

(1) The first half of year: choosing 3,000 meters run or 20 meters out-and-back.

(2) The second half of year: a total of 3 test items, including push-ups, sit-ups, and choosing burpees or rope skipping.

4. The police officers who are over 50 years old or with special circumstances (such as cardiovascular disease, BMI exceed standards, overweight, etc.) can also substitute 3,000 meters speed walking or rope skipping and hand grip for the above items.

The reform of police physical ability test substantially change the old test content which adopted more than 20 years so as to achieve the core physical fitness required for police work, ensure the safety of policemen while performing duties, and reduce accidents happening.