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“Helper for Epidemic Prevention par Excellence” Ministry of the Interior Commendation of 75 Extraordinary Substitute Civilians Servicemen

  • PostDate:2022-12-09 08:59

The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) celebrates the [Extraordinary Substitute Civilian Unit and Servicemen in the Second Half of the Year 111] at the Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center on the 16th of December. Chen Zhong Yan, the vice minister of the MOI, will award 75 extraordinary servicemen and 12 exceptional service units at this memorable event. 
Accompany and shepherded by the service units, some servicemen joined and became the frontline warriors to fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic by allocating and delivering anti-epidemic materials. At the same time, some of them supported the civilians with all the problems and inconveniences incurred with enthusiasm. Besides being on the frontline, many servicemen are disseminating knowledge regarding sanitation and health to the public or helping to reactivate the communal space for better and more comfortable experiences. Through these unique events and experiences, the service period is not just marked by the daily administrative work but also by social care and interaction with the public, and together, all these encounters form a captivating chapter in their lifetime.