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Pursuing Dreams! 85 New Immigrants and their Children Receive Awards and Subsidies from the National Immigration Agency to Realize their Dreams in Taiwan

  • PostDate:2021-07-10 11:09

The Ministry of the Interior held an online presentation of the 7th Dream-Building Program for New Immigrants and Their Children today (10th). A total of 32 groups, 85 new immigrants and   their children shared their results of building dreams in Taiwan through the videos and received awards and subsidies from the National Immigration Agency of the Ministry of the Interior. The Minister of the Interior, Hsu Kuo-Yung, congratulates the winners and gives credit to them for pursuing their dreams and achieving them. Hsu also hopes that more new immigrants and their families will spread their wings and shine in Taiwan.

Hsu said that the participants of the Dream-Building Program have demonstrated the creative spirit of dreamers. Some sell local pineapple and agricultural products through the Internet, some use local longan wood to make smoked bacon and some make biological specimens to show Taiwan's biodiversity. There are also documentaries filmed by teachers and students to introduce stories about transnational students, as well as a marine ecological database in Taiwan created by the whole family through the utilization of AI technology. These participants have not only combined local resources, but also demonstrated their potentials for international development.

The Director-General of the National Immigration Agency, Bill Chung, said that the Dream-Building Program has helped many new immigrants overcome difficulties and realize their dreams over the years. This year’s winners are from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, Jamaica, the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, and China. The winners of each group are on their way of pursuing their dreams and start a new chapter in their life. They will contribute to Taiwan and yield fruitful results.

Olivia Yu-Ping Remche, one of the winners, educated in Canada since she was a child and decided to self-study after moving to Taiwan. As an animal lover, she doesn’t want the animals to disappear off the earth after they die. After participating in a number of learning camps, she has learned the skills of making specimens. Her father, Barry Thomas Reimche, also helped create a small biology classroom. She hopes to hold an exhibition of specimen results by herself in the future, so people will understand the importance of peaceful coexistence with animals and appreciate the charm of the specimen world.

In addition, wrestling athletes Cheng Shao-Yung, Cheng Hao-Lun and Liu Yu-Ting, whose mothers are from Vietnam, Cambodia and China, respectively, participated in the Dream-Building Program under the leadership of their coach Wang Ming-Liang. They made good use of the award money on allowances and nutrition supplements for students and even used it to arrange after-school classes focus on training without worries, try to be selected as members of the national team, and bring glory to the country, so that the children of new immigrants in remote areas can realize their dreams of national championships.
According to the Ministry of the Interior, there are currently more than 570,000 new immigrants in Taiwan. In recent years, the National Immigration Agency has actively implemented relevant supporting programs to help new immigrants and their children realize their dreams in Taiwan. It is believed that these people will together compose wonderful multicultural music in Taiwan.