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Information on Applying for Alien Resident Certificate

  • PostDate:2005-05-09 00:00

I. Regulated by Immigration Law and Regulations Governing Alien Visits,

Residence and Permanent Residence.


II. Application Authorities:

Foreign Affairs Division of Taipei/Kaohsiung Municipal Police Department; Foreign Affairs Division of County/City Police Bureau, Taiwan Province; Administration Division of Kinmen/Lienchiang County Police Bureau, Fukien Province.


III. Required Documents:

1. An application form.

2. Two current full-face photos (1”x1.5”).

3. The original and one photocopy of the passport, including the resident visa. The original will be returned after verification.

4. The following documents, as appropriate:

(1) Employees or investors: The original and one photocopy of the official letter of approval issued by the competent authority, and the employment certificate. The original will be returned after verification.

(2) Students: The original and one photocopy of the student card or the enrollment certificate issued by a university or college accredited by the Ministry of Education.

(3) Missionaries: The original and one photocopy of an official letter of approval from the religious institution.

(4) Dependents: Relationship documents, such as a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, a transcript of household registration, an Alien Resident Certificate, etc.


IV. Processing Period:

Within three days (depends on the situation of each police bureau).


V. Application Fee:

 One Year: NT$1.000

 Two Year: NT$2,000

 Three Year: NT$3,000

 Overseas Chinese Student: NT$500


VI. Application Management:

Directly managed at the counter.


VII. Application Way:

Application shall be filed in person or entrusted to a representative.


VIII. Notes for Application:

1. Aliens who hold resident visa must apply ARC at the residing local police bureau in 15 days after their entry into the ROC.

2. Re-entry permit can be applied simultaneously with the ARC (excluding the foreign laborers and overseas Chinese students).

IX. Form:


Multiple-purpose Application Form for Foreign Residents

Application Form for Foreign Laborers

More information:forePage

Information for Foreigners,R.O.C