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The number of indigenous communities are the top two within Hualien County and Taitung County in total accounted for nearly half of Taiwan

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The life vestige of the indigenous communities in Taiwan has been recorded in the historical literature as early as the colonial period of Dutch and Spanish. If you trace the evolution and meaning of the relevant geographical names, you can often understand the early customs and cultural conflicts of the various ethnic groups. The indigenous population of Taiwan mainly inhabit Hualien County and Taitung County. There are 183 indigenous communities each, accounting for nearly half of the 746 in Taiwan. The most indigenous communities are located in Jinfeng Township (27) of Taitung County, the indigenous peoples in the township are mainly the communities of Paiwan and Rukai, while the indigenous peoples of Hualien County are the most in Ji'an Township (23), and the communities are mainly Amis and Taroko. The above-mentioned information can be obtained from the "GeoName Information Service Network" of the Ministry of the Interior, website: (, please use it more.