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2023-07-10President Tsai Ing-wen, Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan Cheng Wen-tsang, and Minister of the Interior Lin Yu-chang attended the Joint Graduation Ceremony of the Central Police University.
2023-07-10Dr. David Stewart, the Associate Provost of West Virginia University, recently visited CPU for an academic exchange between the USA and Taiwan
2023-07-05National Immigration Agency New Taipei City Service Center “New Immigrants Care Networking Conference” on JULY 27th, 2023.
2023-06-30Central Police University gets together with American sister school after the pandemic and is looking forward to academic exchanges and interactions in the field of technology crime investigation.
2023-06-23Experience Dragon Boat Festival and different cultures in Taiwan
2023-06-09The Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior, will hold the 2023 Türkiye Earthquake Disaster Investigation Conference on June 29, 2023
2023-05-24MOI’s Event Promotion of the ABRI’s Research Results of Home Environment for Elderly in the “2023 Taiwan Assistive Technology for Life Long-term Care Exhibition”
2023-05-15Central Police University won the first place in the full-text authorization rate of the National Central Library's 2023 Open Access Contribution Award
2023-05-15The executive officers of Homeland Security Investigations of America visited CPU
2023-05-05Event to Care and Encourage Graduating Students by the President of the Central Police University
2023-04-10The 2023 CPR and AED basic lifesaving skill educational training for faculty members and students of CPU
2023-04-06National Immigration Agency Taichung City First Service Center Apr. 2023 Mobile Outreach Service
2023-03-24Family Education and Dissemination of Legal Knowledge Taipei City Service Center
2023-03-16NIA Taichung City First Service Center Activity Results-Mar. 2023 Mobile Outreach Service
2023-03-01National Immigration Agency Taichung City First Service Center Mar. 2023 Mobile Outreach Service