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2005-03-02Mortuary Service Administration Act
2005-02-24South Asia Tsunami – List of Charity Organizations Already Applied to the Ministry of the Interior for Fund-raising Activities (up to Feb., 23rd)
2005-02-24Don''t Let Poverty Drag Him Down-Children Poverty and Anti-Poverty International Exchange Forum
2004-12-08Directions Governing the Promotion of Historic Site Conservation
2004-12-08Directions Governing Designation Examination of Historic sites
2004-12-08Regulations Governing Severe Disaster Response for Historic Sites
2004-12-08Regulations Governing Commissioned Management and Preservation of Historic Sites
2004-12-08Regulations Governing Procurement for Historic site Repair Projects
2004-11-23Mortuary Service Administration Act
2004-10-28Enforcement Rules of Presidential and Vice Presidential Election and Recall Act
2004-10-28Enforcement Rules of the Referendum Act
2004-10-28Enforcement Rules of Civil Servants Election and Recall Act
2004-10-12Local Government Act
2004-10-08Presidential and Vice Presidential Election and Recall Act
2004-10-08Civil Servants Election and Recall Act
2004-10-08Referendum Act
2004-10-08Political Donations Act
2004-08-13Measuring Marks Installation & Protection Regulation
2004-07-26Regulations of approval letter for the foreigners applying to study religious doctrines
2004-07-26Commendation regulations for undertaking of charitable causes and social educational enterprise funded by religious groups under the supervision of Ministry of Interior.