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2023 Heritage Night “ Kiki's Police Service ”

  • PostDate:2023-11-17 11:00

The Central Police University (CPU) recently held its annual Heritage Night, a longstanding tradition that marks the beginning of the academic year. This year's event, held on September 26, 2023, at the prestigious auditorium, embraced the theme of "Kiki's Police Service". The meticulously organized event was a collaborative effort led by the CPU Department of Student Affairs, in partnership with the Student Corps and the 47th Students' Association.

President Yuan-ming Yang and 3 Freshman Representatives passing on the fire of legacy
( President Yuan-ming Yang and 3 Freshman Representatives passing on the fire of legacy )

Kiki, a freshman at Guishan Magic Academy, faces many challenges but overcomes them with the inspiration of her role model, Senior Small Deer, and the help of her classmates. She is determined to be a successful freshman at the academy, just like all the other freshmen at CPU who must adjust to a completely different life than other college students after the baptism of preparatory education.

Group photo of CPU faculty and students in Heritage Night
( Group photo of CPU faculty and students in Heritage Night )

The show not only demonstrated the demeanor of CPU seniors but also enhanced the sense of belonging among CPU students through the communication of shared memories. The impressive performances by clubs and academic teams showcased CPU's diversity and commitment to combining civilian and military values. This event illustrates CPU's core values to freshmen, welcomes them into the CPU community, and expresses the hope that they will carry on the torch of CPU's spirit.

Dazzling fireworks show in Heritage Night
( Dazzling fireworks show in Heritage Night )

CPU President Yuan-ming Yang passed on the torch of legacy and welcomed the incoming freshmen, including master's degree students in Class 112, two-year undergraduate students in Class 902, and four-year undergraduate students in Class 921. He spoke about the Heritage Night tradition, explaining that it is a heartwarming way to pass on the CPU spirit. He described the two-hour short performance, which is presented by the Students' Association, clubs, and school teams, as a showcase of the CPU experience. He also highlighted the review video, which captures the metamorphosis and progress of the students. He expressed his hope that the freshmen would gain an understanding of the challenges and tests that lie ahead, after the trial of preparatory education. He encouraged them to face challenges head-on and create a colorful life from them, in the spirit of the play. He urged them to become excellent security magicians, take on the heavy responsibility of social security, contribute their talents, and give back to society.