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International students’ learning in CPU: Connecting to the world and the future.

  • PostDate:2021-05-03 00:00

There are several international students applying to enroll with CPU in recent years.  They are from different countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Saint Lucia, Paraguay, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippine.  The growth shows that CPU police research is brilliant and has been confirmed worldwide.  Both of the native students and international students are precious. Central Police University not only nurtures the police cadres in Taiwan, but also devotes to international affairs.


( "Basic Mandarin" and "Advanced Mandarin" class )

Department of Foreign Affairs Police, most of the international students belong to, is delegated to manage two-hour courses of “Basic Mandarin” and “Advanced Mandarin.” A certified teacher of National Taiwan Normal University is in charge of these courses.

Although basic language skills are required before enrollment, international students need in-depth language ability for professional study and research.  Taking Mandarin classes will help to strengthen language skill and reading comprehension.  It also provides opportunity for interactions in their spare time. 


( Class discussion- students from Saint Lucia, Indonesia and Thailand. )

Moreover, we hope that international students have the chance to explore Taiwan including language, life and cultures through classes.  Overcoming culture shock and stereotype, students learn to respect different cultures.  In addition, the precious education experience will help their future work after returning to their countries.  It also built a good platform for policing cooperation among countries.

Students must cooperate with the government policy of anti-COVID-19, by taking their temperature of forehead, alcohol disinfection, wearing masks in the class.