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National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior holds Briefing Seminar on Immigration Laws.American student Lu Ka praises the Taiwan government for offering such a convenient environment for immigrants.

  • PostDate:2024-01-19 08:18

In order to establish an optimizing immigration environment and strengthen the foreign population management, the newly revised "Immigration Law" came into effect on January 1, 2024. Meanwhile, to further protect the rights of marriage immigrants for the family reunion in Taiwan, National Immigration Agency held an "Immigration Law Briefing Seminar" on January 17, 2024, inviting nearly 30 new residents from Mainland China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Canada and other countries together with their family members and foreign students to take part in this seminar.

Lu Ka, an American student studying at the Chinese Language Center of Fo Guang University, had just received his Alien Resident Certificate today. He was very excited and expressed as follows." I have always loved Taiwan’s culture and environment since I was a child. I came with my mom in March last year and have been learning Chinese in Yilan ever since. At the beginning of this year, I went to Yilan County Service Station to apply for Visa extension. With the staffs’ professional and friendly assistant, I got my Alien Resident Certificate quickly and successfully. Thank you Yilan County Service Station! Also I’m grateful that Taiwan government has established such a convenient and welcoming environment for immigrants.