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“Exceeding personal limits, achieving peak performance” - The Central Police University 2023 Annual Sports Day

  • PostDate:2023-12-18 15:00

President Yuan-Ming Yang presided over the opening ceremony of the 42nd Central Police University (CPU) Sports Day on November 17, 2023. The event was marked by a vibrant and engaging spectacle, as faculty members, staff, and students, adorned in imaginative costumes, took to the field with great enthusiasm. This lively procession signaled the commencement of the much-anticipated annual Sports Day celebrations.

Athletes' Creative and Energetic Entrance
( Athletes' Creative and Energetic Entrance )

In his address, President Yang expressed pride in CPU's role in cultivating outstanding security personnel across various law enforcement fields, emphasizing the importance of their contributions to societal stability. He underscored the necessity for security personnel to possess both professional expertise and robust physical capabilities. President Yang acknowledged the dedicated efforts of CPU colleagues and students who, in recent weeks, wholeheartedly engaged in training and practice on campus. He envisioned them as the future vanguards of public order and new hopes within the law enforcement community.

Despite CPU's relatively small student body of just over 1,000, the university achieved remarkable success at this year's National Intercollegiate Athletic Games, securing 7 gold, 2 silver, and 7 bronze medals. These accomplishments stand as a testament to the commitment of CPU's students and faculty, who invest their time in diverse educational training programs, actively participate in rigorous practice sessions, and exhibit a willingness to overcome challenges and push personal boundaries.

President Yuan-Ming Yang Initiates the Tug-of-War Championship Final
( President Yuan-Ming Yang Initiates the Tug-of-War Championship Final )

The “Tug-of-War” contest has consistently been the most exhilarating and emblematic team event at the Central Police University (CPU) Sports Day celebrations. The competition fosters a profound sense of unity and synergy among the team members, as they are metaphorically bound together by a single rope. This unity extends beyond the athletes to their classmates cheering from the sidelines, all collectively striving for victory.

From the vantage point of an observer, the palpable passion of the students during the preliminary rounds is unmistakable. This fervor, driven by a quest for team honor, encapsulates the core value of “honor” at CPU. It also signifies an essential characteristic that future security personnel are expected to embody.

The closing ceremony saw President Yang expressing his heartfelt gratitude. He commended the 42 national-level professional athletics referees from the Athletic Association, whose officiating ensured the fair and successful execution of each competition. He also extended his appreciation to the faculty, staff, and students from various divisions, whose active participation contributed to the seamless and spirited ambiance of this year’s sports festivities. Special recognition was given to the freshmen students of the 92nd Team 1, who served on the event’s venue and equipment services team. Their efficient and timely management of competition equipment ensured the smooth progression of all events as planned.

Silhouettes from the Sporting Events
( Silhouettes from the Sporting Events )

Beyond the classroom, CPU's annual sports festivities ignite a vibrant learning experience that transcends academics. Through the crucible of competition, students forge bonds of teamwork and camaraderie, building crucial skills that extend far beyond the field. These events cultivate not only physical fitness but also an unwavering competitive spirit, cornerstones of the CPU educational philosophy. For every student, regardless of victory or defeat, the sports festivities hold the potential for lasting memories. The experience teaches them the invaluable lesson of perseverance, instilling a never-give-up attitude that will serve them well throughout their lives, both as future law enforcement officers and beyond.