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Welcome the Dragon Boat Festival, Hualien new immigrants wrapped up a lucky sachet.

  • PostDate:2023-07-03 17:45

It is the time we enjoy the fragrant of sticky rice dumplings. In order to let the new immigrant families who have just arrived in Taiwan feel the strong human touch of Taiwan, the Hualien County Service Station National Immigration Agency used the family education courses in the morning of this day(17th) to invite new immigrant families gathered together to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival. By sewing sachets together and introduced the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan, the new immigrant families can feel a full of warmth and unique Dragon Boat Festival in advance.

Mr Hu, Director of the Hualien County Service Station, said that Hualien is full of multicultural atmosphere. The Dragon Boat Festival is coming on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. Through the activity, we can learn about the culture of the Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan, and we can sew sachets through the interaction of husband and wife. Especially sincere affection, let the new immigrant families not feeling alone in a foreign land, Taiwanese spouses can also regain their childhood fun of making sachets. 
Ruby, the lecturer of the course, said that the Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four traditional Chinese festivals. Eating sticky rice dumplings (zongzi) is indispensable, but why should we wear sachets?

According to ancient records, May 5th of the lunar calendar is the day of the anode, also known as Zhongtian Festival. People will make all kinds of amulet to prevent the infestation of poisonous insects.  Wearing a sachet has the effect and becomes a symbol of safe and good luck. After the teacher carefully explained how to make sachets, the new immigrant families devoted themselves wholeheartedly to sewing each stitch carefully. During the process, they discussed with each other and appreciated different shapes of sachets, each one shows their own personal style. There’s relaxed and laughter everywhere the whole time. When the work is finished, the new immigrant families wear their work proudly with a happy smile on their face and a sense of accomplishment.

A new immigrant families from Sichuan in mainland China said with a smile that today she must give the sachet she sewed by herself to her mother-in-law. Although the Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner, but recently her mother-in-law has prepared rice dumplings with different flavors for her to taste. Whether it is northern rice dumpling, Southern rice dumpling, or Alkali rice dumpling, each has its own characteristics and diverse feelings. Taiwan’s strong human touch is just like the fragrance of rice dumplings.  Surrounded in the air and doesn’t dispersed, so that she can temporarily forget the deliciousness of boiled white rice dumplings from my hometown.

Hu expressed his gratitude to the new immigrant families for their active participation in this event, and the Immigration Department has promoted many "new immigrant families care service measures" to help the new immigrant families adapt to our country. Please make good use of it. The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is approaching. If the new immigrant families arranges to return home to visit relatives during this holiday, in order to prevent African swine fever and other overseas vicious animal infectious diseases from being introduced into our country, please do not bring animal and plant products into the country in violation of regulations to avoid punishment.  Remind the public to read the "Must-see and not-buy list when going abroad" ( and "Reference Table of Quarantine Regulations for Animals, Plants and Their Products Commonly Inbound Passengers" (, it’s s the responsibility for all people to work together to prevent the epidemic.

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