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The airborne LiDAR Ortho-photo in 2023 are now available.

  • PostDate:2024-04-17 17:13

(1) In order to update the Digital Terrain Model (DTM), the National Land Surveying and Mapping Center (NLSC) scanned portions of 4 counties in Taiwan using airborne LiDAR, and it also produced 871 frames of digital ortho-photo. The region chart and frame list of airborne LiDAR Ortho-photo in 2023 are attached.

(2) To increase the benefits, in addition using such photos to update TDTM and other data of NLSC, furthermore supply users with data in accordance with the "Fee-Charging Standards for Land Surveying and Mapping Achievements Data." On May 31, 2024, we will launch the online service for submitting such data requests on NLSC website ( Until then, you can apply for the ortho-photo in person, via post, fax, or email, and you are welcome to utilize for such photos.