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The latest 2021 3D building models are now available.

  • PostDate:2022-06-16 17:03

To in line with the policy of promoting the national geographic system to 3D, the national 3D building models have been built since 2019, update and promoted since 2020 by National Land Surveying and Mapping Center (NLSC). The update of the 3D building models were made through the building frame transaction comparison with the latest Taiwan Electronic Map and the 1/1,000 topographic map data. The promoting of the 3D building, in other words, the refinement of the building frame, were made by the cadastral map, address data and orthophoto-image data. For more information, please refer to Taiwan 3D Map Service (–“Data Introductions”.

In total, there are 5,390,000 3D building models of the latest 2021 3D building data, including 959,000 models were updated (as shown in the pictures). The aforementioned data are now available for browse, application (for large area), online download (for small area) and web service (International standard OGC I3S and 3D Tiles) on Taiwan 3D Map Service. For more information, please refer to Taiwan 3D Map Service–“Data Introductions” and “Operation Instructions”.