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Police on Standby before the Election

  • PostDate:2022-11-25 15:50

To ensure the night before the election and the polling day end safely and smoothly, the General Director of the National Police Agency Huang Ming-Chao has recently visited various places to supervise and inspect election security and the work of investigating bribery and violence. Police departments has made every effort to maintain the pre-election order. 304 cases of various bribery involving 1,231 people, 41 cases of election gambling with 77 people, and 74 cases of election violence with 109 people have been seized. 

Director Huang clearly pointed out 5 key points to maintain social order before the election: 
1.Gather information and report danger warnings when candidates sweep street and hold large-scale campaigns.
2.Adhere to the principle of "no limit for bribery investigations" and continue to sweep election betting.
3.Secure ballot transportation and storage.
4.Instantly eliminate disturbances during voting.
5.Prevent those who are dissatisfied with the election to disrupt order after counting votes.

There are 17,649 polling stations across the country on the polling day. The national police agency will be mobilized to assist in the election security tasks with all their strength.