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National Immigration Agency Invites New Immigrants to Sing Their Love to Their Mothers on the Eve of Mother’s Day

  • PostDate:2021-06-04 11:08

As Mother’s Day was approaching, Bill Chung, Director-General of the National Immigration Agency (NIA), attended “National Thanksgiving Singing Contest for New Immigrant’s Children” in Yilan on May 1 to cheer for the participants, encouraging children to show their appreciations to their parents through the songs. In addition, Director-General Chung wished all mothers around the world a happy Mother’s Day.

Chung indicated that the activity was aimed to encourage new immigrant families in social participation and self-expression; moreover, children could express their gratitude to their parents. Additionally, Chung was grateful to Yishan Women and Children Care Association for hosting this meaningful activity and he also thanked the sponsorship of those non-governments and enterprises, for instance, Lions Clubs International Changan Family, Songshan Cihui Temple and TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd, etc.

In the final competition, Xin Yu Chen, a seven-year-old new immigrant’s child, sang a challenging song called “Any Empty Wine Bottles for Sale?” Her mom Xu Qiu said that Xin yu’s dad often went to China to work. The family had less time to get together due to the impact of COVID-19. This activity gave Xin yu’s family a precious and memorable experience.

Another six-year-old finalist Tong tong Pan was too young to read Chinese characters; however, her mom used pictures of her own drawing to teach her all the lyrics in order to participate in this competition. Pan was touched by her mom’s guidance and unconditional love through this competition.

This was the first time NIA held“National Thanksgiving Singing Contest for New Immigrant’s Children”. Many new immigrant families and citizens in Taiwan participated in this event. On Mother’s Day eve children conveyed appreciations to their parents through the melody, forming a lively and heartwarming picture.