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NIA Announces Authorized Residency or Stay Relief Measures Due to COVID-19

  • PostDate:2021-05-28 21:12

In light of the recent Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announcement on the extension of Taiwan's nationwide Level 3 COVID-19 alert to June 14, 2021, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) has subsequently announced the following relief measures for eligible foreign nationals in Taiwan, to protect their rights and health.

1) Those who hold a valid Alien Resident Certificate that is about to expire, will be granted an automatic 30-day extension without limit on the number of times until the CECC announces lowering the nationwide alert to Level 2. They should visit the NIA’s local service centers in person and apply for an extension within 30 days after the downgrade of the alert level.

2) Visitor visa holders whose visas are expiring and ARC holders who have no grounds for extending their residency but have been approved for an extension of the deadline to leave Taiwan, are not required to visit the service centers in person to apply for an extension. They will not be regarded as overstaying even if they fail to leave Taiwan before the deadline. However, they have to visit the NIA’s local service centers in person and apply for extension within 10 days starting from the day after the alert level returns to level 2 to avoid becoming unlawful.

Please visit the NIA’s website, service centers(, or the Border Affairs Corps of the NIA for more information.